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If you have a blog, podcast or videocast, you can commit your blog or website to participate in the Day of Education Blogathon.

From July 15th to July 31st bloggers from around India will register to participate so we can track how many blogs will be involved, as well as their approximate audience size.

On 3rd August participating blogs will put up a post, video or podcast about their thoughts on the "Future of Education".

We request bloggers to try to keep their posting related to their regular blog topic so that posts are individual, suited to their audience and look at the issue in many different lights.

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Post Topics

Alternative & Offbeat Careers - Challenges & Approach

Blogging as a Career

Social Media as a Career

Schools of Tomorrow - What could they be?

Are Colleges Needed?

The Future of Online Education

Education for the AR, VR & Machine Learning World

Is Skills Based Education the future?

Spiritual & Value Education

Unique Challenges & Opportunities in Education in Rural India

Social Media as a Career

How do we make our education more innovative?

Formal Education Vs Mentorship - Whats more important now?

Education for the Journalism of Tomorrow

Technology & Innovation in Education - AR, VR etc

Educating the Girl Child & Skilling Women

Studying Films for a multi screen technology filled Cinema of the future

Skills & Education for the Ad world of tomorrow

Studying Music & the Business of Music

Teaching Entrepreneurship - Education & Mentorship

Studying Photography

Is Sports not just a skill but a science that one needs to study? - Analytics, Health, Bio Mechanics, Brand Endorsements etc

The Science of Blogging

Learning to Write in a Digital Publishing World

Education for the Educationists

Have A Creative Block?

Here Are Some Thought Starters

The best thing a blog can do is to keep their post on topic. Audiences visit our blogs because they enjoy the style, personality and topic of the site. So it makes sense that the best way to get through to these audiences is to use the style, personality and topic to talk about Poverty. For example:

  • 1

    A Design Blog might analyse the future of design education and how it can be improved in India.

  • 2

    A Tech Blog might look at pro-poor technologies and ideas which could transfer the future of education.

  • 3

    A Political Blog might suggest policy changes that could help the Future of Education.

  • 4

    A Sports Blog might look at education through sports and how it can be enhanced in the future.

  • 5

    A Business Blog might discuss how businesses can contribute to building the future of education.

  • 6

    A Celebrity Blog might write up about someone in their network who is contributing in a unique way to improve education.

  • 7

    A Movie Blog might create a list of the best documentaries relating to issues on education.

  • 8

    A Personal Blog might document a personal activity which is changing an under privileged child’s life through education.

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The Day of Education Blogathon requires mass participation to work. With every registered blogger, the event reaches more people, grows in scale and creates more of a buzz. We rely solely on word of mouth (or keyboard) to spread so that means we need your help!

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